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"Mining the hidden profit centers in your business!"
"John's copy has made me many millions of dollars in sales.
I would highly recommend you hiring him if you
get the opportunity. You'll be glad you did!"
- Jordan Hansen, JJ Management LLC

Dear Business Owner,

Do you need profit-pulling online and offline...

Ads, email sequences, VSL's, direct mail, advertorials, long-form letters and other direct response promotions for more sales, more customers and more profits?

If so, we should talk!

My name is John "Angel" Anghelache.

For over 20 years, I've been behind the scenes creating profitable promotions for some of the most legendary direct response marketers on the planet.

Perhaps these names will ring a bell...
  • Gary C. Halbert who is considered as the greatest copywriter who ever lived. He wrote what is arguably the most mailed sales letter (it was mailed over 600,000,000 times) in history.
  • Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale who is a marketing genius and a star of the bestselling book and blockbuster movie The Secret. Joe's inspirational books on self-improvement and marketing have reached the top of bestseller lists the world over.
  • Yanik Silver whose Internet marketing skills are so good he could help people start profitable web businesses within 30 days from scratch. His seminars on Internet marketing and copywriting have become the stuff of legend.
  • David Garfinkel of the World Copywriting Institute who is a world-renowned business building expert. He is perhaps best known for his ability to teach the art and science of how to write money-making direct response ad copy.
  • Michel Fortin who is widely recognized as one of the best Internet marketers in the world. His former copywriting agency was instrumental in helping countless business owners successfully sell their products and services online.
  • And many others.
Not to mention various "imprints" at the biggest direct response marketing company around... The Agora.

I've also worked with a lot of smaller companies in the financial, health, info-publishing, e-commerce and how-to markets.

So far, the copy I've written has produced...
Tens Of Millions In Sales

No. I can't give you an exact number.

That's because some of my clients have been agencies.

And it wouldn't be fair for me to take credit for results that an entire team helped produce.

But here are some examples for you to consider:

Just last year, a new client hired me to write an advertorial for their health supplement.

A little testing and three months later...

The client was selling over 50,000 bottles a month.

Close to $3-million in extra sales for the year.

The same client asked me to help make his email list profitable.

The very first email series I wrote generated a 19-to-1 ROI.

An Inc. 500 financial publisher worked with me for years.

One of the packages I put together for them pulled in a 10% response for an expensive $2,970 "back end" product. Not bad!

Another client filled his new membership service in record time.

He got a staggering 1,078% ROI right out of the gate, too.

A niche info marketer and I worked together for six years or so.

The quarterly launch-type promos I wrote pulled in millions every year.

This was in a very small niche with less than 50,000 core prospects.

A marketing program I helped conceptualize, launch and oversee ran for half-a-decade in a very competitive industry.

The program produced gross sales in excess of $25-million

Another marketing program generated just shy of $14-million in a two-year stretch.

Of course, like anyone in this industry...

I've had my share of smaller "base hit" successes and...

Some unfortunate flops along the way.

But I've also learned...
How To Get More Winners More Often

Listen, whether we end up working together or not...

I want to share with you THE SECRET to making your promotions more profitable.


Here it is in three short steps...
  1. Find out what makes your ideal prospect respond.
  2. Find out what prevents your ideal prospect from responding.
  3. Craft a sales message that overcomes objections with benefit-driven proof.
So simple!
Once I discovered these three steps I started writing more winners more often.
And here's where it gets really good...
What makes prospects respond is a BIG IDEA they can believe in.
Every prospect has less than a dozen basic objections.
And when you blow them out of the water the sale is as good as made.
But the devil's always in the details.
As easy as this sounds, you still need to know HOW to uncover the big idea prospects must believe to buy. You still need to know which objections to focus on. Plus, how to expertly turn those objections into buying hot buttons.
That's why we should talk.
If you run a direct response business, I can create profit-pulling promotions.
Just Like I Did For These Clients
"John is a life saver. Before working with him I was drowning in writing copy that I just wasn’t good at. John has far and away exceed my expectations. He has been a consistent force in helping us generate clients. My return on investment so far is 605%!"
-- Matt Solomon, CEO
Center For Enlightened Business

"John knows what he's talking about. I know, because I hired him! He wrote copy for some of my clients in my copywriting agency, which produced millions of dollars in sales."
-- Michel Fortin

"John is only one of a handful of copywriters on the scene I'd trust. In fact, I hired him recently to write a sales letter for one of my $6,250 products. He jam-packed the letter with killer salesmanship. I am delighted with the results."
-- Gary C. Halbert
"His sales letter is pulling in sales and making money, which is the real world test. He's an excellent copywriter."
-- Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of The Secret
"I have to tell you the bullet copy you just wrote for me is fantastic. You pack benefit after benefit into your copy that practically glued my eyes to every page from beginning to end."
-- Yanik Silver
Legendary Internet Marketer
"When I read the copy John wrote about my Breakthrough Copywriting Seminar, I became so enthused I wanted to watch the DVDs all over again! He gets it. And if you're lucky enough to have him write copy for you, you'll profit from it!"
-- David Garfinkel
World Copywriting Institute
"I hired John to write the website copy for my seminar. Within 35 hours, I sold out the $5,000 per head event. If you want to make more money from all your promotions hire this guy."
-- Pat O'Bryan, Director
Milagro Research Institute

"My return on investment in John's copywrting services (so far) is a staggering 1,078.64%. And since there is a recurring service fee the ROI will grow each and every month."
-- Dave Moore

[NOTE: The successful launch of this project resulted in the successful sale of the business for Mr. Moore.]

"Your copywriting skills and marketing insights were invaluable to the success of this project. The campaign you created has pulled in an exciting 10% conversion rate on a $2,970 product. Thank you."
-- Financial Publisher
(Inc. 500 Company)

"A recent promotion he strategized and wrote resulted in an incredible 1,425% return on my advertising investment. John knows what it takes to craft direct response ads both online and offline that bring in profits."
-- Clifford Mee

"John Anghelache came highly recommended as a direct response copywriter and marketer who can produce results. He crafted a promotion for one of our front-end products that generated an 11.5% response for the initial test. John has my highest recommendation."
-- Chad Edwards
Tri 3 Media
What To Do Now

Well, if you need a direct response copywriter who knows what they're doing...

If you want more sales and profits from your business...

And if you're looking to establish a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial...

Then we should probably talk.

Email me at to schedule a call.

We can get together on the phone or over Zoom and see if there's a fit.

And then we can take it from there.


John "Angel" Anghelache
Direct Response Copywriter & Marketer

P.S. One more thing: If you have the right situation, there's a way for me to work with you (at least on some projects) on a pay-for-performance basis.

I have created what I call my "Sales Surge System".

And it works so well... that... in some cases, for some projects... I am willing to forgo an upfront fee for an agreed upon percentage of gross revenue this system produces.

So there's no up-front out-of-pocket risk for you.

Let's talk and see what we can work out.

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